Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

If you live in a mobile home you will have to do things a little different than remodeling a normal home. It is natural that your mobile home won’t beckon any pressing need to upgrade, irrespective of its extent. But when you examined it, you would be stunned that there are numerous mobile home remodeling ideas that may suit you. Renovating your mobile home will depend mostly on what you want to update in the inner recesses of your home. Mobile home remodeling projects must be dealt with carefully in order to prevent overspending and exceeding the value of the home. Remodeling your mobile home need not be a problem. Just use your ingenuity to do it in a warm and classy way.

Update Wood Paneling
If your mobile home is a little bit old you probably have the feared wood paneling. The primary thing that you should do is to paint it to achieve a more rustic look. If you love the appearance of the wood home remodeling ideas paneling you can dapper it up by using some grease to bring out its innate color. Another option is to tear off the wood paneling and swapping it with sheet rock. The wood paneling can be polished with sandpaper till it is sleek and shiny. You can also put wallpaper over it depending on the design you want to achieve.

Care for Ceiling
The most susceptible part specifically to staining is the ceiling of a manufactured home. Stains are a familiar trait of mobile home ceilings. Usually when there is a roof leakage or water condensation droplet of water trickles down onto the roof ceiling. Replacing it is a challenge which entails proficient handling. Edges needs to be sealed and screw heads must also be swathed for a glossy finish. Ceiling fans must be set up with immense caution to guarantee the bearing potency of the object and avoid any kinds of misfortune.

Mobile home fixtures
When doing interior home improvement projects keep in mind that some materials used in mobile homes are different from those used in conventional homes. Setting up doorknobs and faucets is a little bit hard. Choose those that are made specifically for mobile homes. Before purchasing a replacement make sure to remove the fixtures and measure all the holes. Special screws and other tools for fixture replacements are also necessary so when purchasing new items bring along your existing hardware with you.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
When purchasing a manufactured home a manufacturer’s warranty is always included. Every purchaser should keep the warranty and record of its coverage because this covers the repairs when you do home remodeling. In most cases the warranty covers an entire record of all your interests.

Mobile homes are one of the varied ways for couples and families to possess a home without squandering a great deal of money. Remodeling it could further save your money and still provide the comfort that normal homes can give.


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