Special Gifts For a First Son

Many people are shirking the tradition of giving baby showers only to first time parents. For many reasons, parents of more than one child may need a baby shower to allow their friends and family to provide them with baby needs. They do not need everything a first time parent needs, but they do need some items. This is particularly true when the parents are having their first boy. There are special baby shower gifts for a first son.

First of all, the most obvious gift is clothes. The new little boy will not want to wear his older sister’s clothes! The new parents will need sleepers, one piece outfits, pants, shirts, and socks. Of course, a lot of boys’ clothing is blue, yellow, gifts for son and green. Even though you will want to avoid clothing that is too girly, feel free to branch out on colors. Ask the new parents before buying shoes, as some parents do not put shoes on new babies. Clothes make great baby shower gifts for a first son.

It is likely that the little boy will have a new room all to himself. Even if the family has another baby, if this is the first boy, they are probably doing some redecorating. If they are registered, buy something for his room from the gift registry. Otherwise, ask the parents how they are decorating the room and what they might need. Great choices include: bedding, changing table pad covers, pictures, and clothes hampers. It should be noted that most second time parents will not need new baby furniture, but check with them to be sure. Parents appreciate baby shower gifts for a first son and his new nursery!

Most parents will have all the “big ticket items” already. However, it is possible they may need a new car seat, if the older ones have expired. Ask if they want an infant seat or a convertible seat. If their older child is about to no longer need to car seat, they may reuse that one for their younger child. In that case, you may want to purchase a booster seat for the older sibling.

Keep in mind that if the older children are still babies, they may still be using a lot of their baby items for that child. So they may need a high chair, potty seat, or other such items. Again, refer to their gift registry or simply ask the parents what they need.

If you are attending a shower for a couple who are not first time parents, they may need different things than first time parents would. Your best bet is to ask the parents what they need, or encourage them to register. If you follow these easy steps, they will be sure to receive great baby shower gifts for a first son or daughter.

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